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At XDS we are convinced that talent is the main key to our success, that is why since our foundation we have focused on developing our employees by offering a pleasant work environment, training and constant growth.

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The devops is in charge of creating the construction and deployment pipelines of the components created by the backend and frontend developers that they include for the development, QA and production environments.


Create the build and deployment pipelines.
Deploy the components in each environment (Development, QA, Production)
Construction of images and base containers for projects.

Work together with the team to incorporate code quality and security validation of built components.
Keep the devops view of the solution up-to-date.

Work with the architect to define the base images for the project.

Keep each environment used by the team updated.

University bachelor, technician or graduate of the careers of Computer Engineering, Systems Engineering, Information Technology Engineering or other related.

Knowledge in the use of Azure DevOps Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI / CD) tools (azure repos, azure pipeline, azure boards, azure artifacts).

Knowledge and experience in managing azure cloud services (AKS, API Manager, Key vault, Storage account, Redis, SQL Server, ACR, among others).

Build base Docker images for the project.
Knowledge of test frameworks such as Junit, Mockito.

Knowledge and experience in managing infrastructure as code using terraform and / or ansible.

Knowledge of testing tools such as Postman, SOAP UI, JMeter.

Knowledge of development IDEs such as VSCode, IntellijIdea, STS, Eclipse.

code security tools Fortify, Visual Code greeper, Sonar.

Minimum of 2 years experience building pipelines in any continuous integration tool.

Minimum 2 years experience in container testing with Docker and Kubernetes.

Minimum of 2 years experience in Azure services.

Experience in creating infrastructure as code using Terraform and / or ansible.


In this opportunity Xirect is looking for a Senior DataOPS / DBA to join an important American company.

You will be part of an important project.

You will work in a company committed to diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination.

A dynamic environment with challenging projects.

Balance between work and professional life.

Be part of the program in a warm environment and with an excellent work environment.

Constant learning through an annual training plan.

Benefits in health and personal well-being.

Solid knowledge in relational and non-relational database engines Experience with SQL-SERVER Optimization and tuning based on the execution plan Creation of Store Procedures, Sequences, Functions, Schemes, Partitions, Triggers Experience in HA schemes Experience in cloud technologies (RDS, GC-CloudSQL) 3 years experience as DAtaOPS / DBA.

Studies related to Systems Analyst / Engineer.

Main tasks: Implement and manage SQL SERVER Databases Participate in database migrations to other infrastructures.


Analyze and develop web systems in assigned projects

Database modeling

Verification and maintenance of software to give higher quality to the systems

Apply good practices for web layout

Salary according to their abilities.

Belong to an international group.

Modern work environment.

Possibility of training.

Agile team collaboration.

Development of modern applications with current technologies.

Level in English medium – high languages.

Be willing to travel abroad for training / customer contact.

High level of adaptation.

Bachelor or Degree in Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering or related.

Minimum 2 years experience as a Software Analyst / Developer

Object Oriented Programming, SOLID Principles. Available: Design patterns

Soft skills:

Teamwork, Knowledge of C #, ASP.NET Core, .NET Framework.

Knowledge of Angular and / or Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.

Studies completed in computer science or equivalent.

Experience in the development of web application software and web services.

Knowledge with services in Azure.

Work in an organized and independent way and a high sense of responsibility.

Good attitude, results-oriented work and team spirit.


Design and development of web applications.

Development of REST APIs.
Configure and monitor applications and services in Azure.

Documentation development.

Automatic testing development.

Salary Offer: ***

Experience level: Mid-Senior level

Total years of experience: Less than 1 year, 2 to 4 years


The Backend Developer is in charge of building the components and / or pieces of software defined by architecture related to services and microservices, ensuring that they remain aligned to the platforms prioritized by the organization.


Build the services and microservices according to the definition of the architect under Java technology.

Implement the services and microservices applying the entire life cycle of the DevOps methodology (Plan, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing and Production).

Build unit tests and run code quality / safety analysis.

Prepare all the design documentation, tests, manuals and others related to the implementation of the components.

Support and support the quality environment tests and correct the observations that originate from the implementation of the components.

Work together with the devops specialist for the automation of environments.

University, technical or graduate bachelor of Computer Engineering, Systems Engineering, Information Technology Engineering or other related degrees.

Knowledge in the use of Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI / CD) tools with gitlab and Azure DevOps (azure repos, azure pipeline, azure boards, azure artifacts).

Specialization in Azure components such as Azure kubernetes services, Storage account, Event hubs, API Manager, SQL Server, Cosmos DB, Redis Cache.

Specialization in frameworks such as Maven, Gradle, spring boot, Hibernate, JDBC.

Specialization in programming languages ​​such as Java 8+, Java Reactive (optional), react (optional).

Specialization in cryptographic key management with key vault and creation of encryption algorithms.

Knowledge of test frameworks such as Junit, Mockito.

Knowledge of testing tools such as Postman, SOAP UI, JMeter

Knowledge of code quality analysis tools such as SonarLint, SonarQube.

Knowledge of microservices tracing with Prometheus, Jaeger, elastic, grafana, Istio (desirable)

Knowledge of development IDEs such as VSCode, IntellijIdea, STS, Eclipse.

Knowledge in deployments on Azure Kubernetes Services container platform using Azure Container registry.

Knowledge of API implementation under API platforms such as Azure API Manager.

Fortify code security tools, Visual Code greeper.

Desirable knowledge in Infrastructure as code under terraform and ansible.

Minimum experience of 3 years in the development of services and microservices under the SOA paradigm.

Minimum 3 years experience in container development with Docker and Kubernetes.

In the implementation of services under a layered architecture and other patterns.

In publisher / subscriber messaging patterns using azure event hub (1 to 2 years)

In the management of integration tools and continuous delivery (2 years).

In proposing alternatives for the implementation of services and microservices following good practices and application of frameworks.

Integrations with payment processing providers (visa, paypal, etc).

Being a collaborator of XDS allows you to develop in what you always dreamed of.

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