Xirect development Solutions

In 2011, Xirect Software Solutions was formed in Utah, USA by a team of senior IT and network market executives, from there XDS was born to become your technological partner, based on innovation and digital transformation, advocating methodologies and alignment of processes to the best practices of the market.

No matter your business is large or small or the type of solution you require, XDS is perfectly positioned to deliver incredible solutions and provide the help you need to add value and the success of your projects.

We think about the future

We think of our clients today and always

Mission & vision

Become the world leader in direct selling technology and a premier partner in technology solutions. Our mission is to offer innovative solutions at a fair price while providing the highest level of support that gives our customers the control they need to move their business forward.

Principles & values

Well-being, recognition and justice. Dignity, respect, commitment, responsibility, teamwork, honesty and quality.

Welcome to the XDS world with a Global presence.

Since its inception, XDS was born with the vision of being a global company to serve its customers, today we already have offices in 5 countries USA, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Spain to be closer to our clients and support them locally with highly trained consultants.