Why XirectDS


XirectDS is continually expanding its offering… with resources and skills that fully address the needs of its clients. We offer a wide range of services to help you plan, deploy, and optimize the value of your software investment. We offer customized software, mobile solutions, resource augmentation, web services…providing solutions according to your specific needs.

We Have You Covered

Whether your company is big or small – XirectDS has you covered… we’re here for you every step of the way!

With our team of talented IT professionals, we’re perfectly positioned to address critical projects and customization needs for companies of any size (from startups to large, world-wide enterprises).

… And no matter how simple or complex your business demands may be; we are there to help with all of your software development needs.

Near – Shore Benefits

XirectDS teams are tied to Central or Eastern Time Zone and therefore avoid communication problems that are encountered by companies with off-shore development. The result is higher productivity and more efficient use of your team’s time.

Coordinating schedules for daily scrum meetings, critical path meetings and other important communication is a non-issue because teams are working similar schedules.

Internal Resources Are A Concern

Most companies lack adequate staffing to address internal software demands. Their existing resource teams are too small, maxed out on other projects, or lack required experience and skills to deliver needed solutions.

Project size and scope is not a constraint on the available resources XirectDS can provide. Whether you need one individual resource or a broad team consisting of multiple position resources, we can make it happen.

This is where XirectDS is at its best!

Xirect offers you this alternative solution.


XirectDS resources are incredibly cost efficient. Hiring internal resources can be very costly when considering the fully-burdened cost for each new hire. Paying for employee benefits, training, computer equipment, and office space adds up quickly. Most companies recognize the strong value proposition in requesting short-term outsourcing assistance to complete their critical projects that are not long-term in nature.

XirectDS is positioned to offer their services at discounted rates (often exceeding 50%) and can be completed much faster with fully dedicated teams that are accustomed to working together.

Another benefit is avoiding eventual concerns with staff reductions and subsequent fallout when projects are completed.

Reduced Time To Market

Frequently companies miss out on opportunities. Hitting the timeliness of project completion cannot be overstated. Companies with great ideas frequently see opportunities dry up, allowing competitors to win market share because of delays in acting quickly upon their ideas.

More than anything else, lack of software development resources is what causes companies to react slowly and miss out on tremendous opportunities.

Outsourcing provides the answer and quickly reduces the time to market.

Incredible IT Talent

XirectDS has an outstanding reputation as a premier IT employer which enables us to attract the very top talent to join our company.

We are heavily tied into talented User Groups as well as Universities (where we speak regularly) that supply us with the very best young talent.



Bringing on full-time employees for short-term projects doesn’t make much sense because future workloads may shrink dramatically, and their positions may become unjustifiable. Outsourcing allows companies rapid access to skills or headcount with the ability to scale up or down very quickly.

As project scope and requirements change, XirectDS can react accordingly by growing or shrinking your team to address your company needs.

Finding Skilled Resources

Throughout every region of the country there is a drought of talented IT professionals. Companies looking to fill specific IT internal needs are finding it more and more difficult. The problem lies in the time it takes to find, onboard, train and then get the new hire started on the project.

XirectDS provides immediate access to those skilled resources thus eliminating prolonged delays.

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