A question we are frequently asked is, “What was the genesis of Xirect Development Solutions (XirectDS) and why was the business formed?”

To truly appreciate XirectDS one needs a brief description of the XirectDS backstory.

It all began in 2011 when Verney Quiroz, who had been employed creating commission engines and back office solutions for Network Marketing companies repeatedly saw the stress, pain, and frustration of executives trying to grow their direct selling businesses with outdated software, band-aid fixes, and overpriced, unresponsive service providers.

Companies throughout the industry were forced to deal with system restrictions due to inflexible, unresponsive, costly, and out-of-date software platforms.

Verney, was determined to create software on a platform that was unparalleled in the direct selling space. That is when Xirect Software Solutions was created and is the bi-product of that vision.

The Xirect offering was designed and built using an extremely flexible Cloud architecture providing a huge competitive advantage. The team eliminated Redundancy, Scalability, and Reliability concerns that most providers really struggle with. This allowed Xirect the ability to create and deploy highly customizable, robust applications without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

In 8 years, Xirect Software Solutions has experienced great success and garnered the trust and respect of the industry. The original team of 4 developers is now a very large team, whose sole purpose is to address the needs of its clients in every region of the world.

So why XirectDS?

Xirect was repeatedly asked by companies inside and outside the industry to take on important custom projects and even to assist in addressing IT staffing needs.

Xirect chose not to lose focus and turned down many of those requests but for those project requests that we got involved with, we found our help was invaluable and proved extremely beneficial to their bottom line.

Based on this, and in response to the many requests and overwhelming demand, a new company, Xirect Development Solutions (XirectDS) was formed.

Our outstanding team of IT professionals, although mostly focused on the Direct Selling space, has worked with and completed projects with a multitude of companies outside the industry.

One quick note: Software Development in the Network Marketing industry is known for being one of the most challenging due to the complexities of calculating an incredible array of different compensation plan payouts based on varied organizations, displaying a multitude of tree structures, dashboards, powerful recruiting and selling tools, along with a myriad of integration points with third party providers for payment processing, fulfillment companies, taxing software etc.

You can trust our team with projects big and small… there’s no reason to delay any longer… XirectDS is the Customized Software partner you’ve always wanted!

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