Xirect Development Solutions (XirectDS) is a fast-growing international custom Software Development and Outsourcing company, with offices in several parts of the world, established to utilize its talented team of quality resources in helping companies achieve their business technology objectives.

With over 8 years of experience, we rely heavily on our technological expertise and incredible experience to develop robust solutions which are scalable, secure, and truly reliable. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we are committed to deliver on that expectation.

XirectDS is mostly focused on custom development and staff augmentation but offers a wide range of development services which includes: Web Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development, Quality Assurance and Software Testing, UX/UI Design, Data Migrations, System Integrations, API Development, and Application Maintenance.

Custom Software Development Services:

Xirect Development Solutions provides custom software development and integration to help you accelerate your time to market while reducing development costs.  Since 2011, we have been providing custom software utilizing our team of local and near-shore personnel to provide best in class solutions.

Tell us about the challenges you face that are keeping you up at night.  We can customize a solution to deliver the technology you need at price points that will make you the hero.

Staff Augmentation Services:

Xirect Development Solutions can provide you key personnel for short or long-term needs to augment your existing team and ensure you have the full staff you require for your development needs.  We can provide proven individual resources or entire teams while helping you realize the cost benefits of near-shore talent.

Tell us what type of resources you’ve struggled to add to your current team.

Built to Serve You in Any Area of the World

XirectDS is firmaly established with four global offices and has quickly gained a strong reputation. Because of pur company footprint and international work experience we’re becoming more and more well-known and earning the respect and trust of companies around the world. 



The XirectDS team has a number of resources (including Developers, Analysts anda Project Managers) based out of the Provo, Utah corporate office, from which the core of the business is managed.



The majority of the XirectDS Development team is located in our two Peru offices (Trujillo and Lima). We are becoming a premier Peruvian employer and can attract the very best talent in that region of the world.



The Spain XirectDS office is commanding a lot of attention due to the European demand for our services. Located in Madrid, we’re, our team is growing rapidly with a skilled team capable of addressing most any development need.


A question we are frenquently asked is, “What was the genesis of Xirect Development Solutions (XirectDS) and why was it formed?”

To truly appreciate XirectDS one needs a brief description of the XirectDS backstory.

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